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How’s Your New Melody? Run it Past This Checklist

Since every melody is different, you’d think that there’s basically no way to know if your new melody is going to click or bomb. Not true! There are ways to make pretty sure that your melody has the best chance possible for success. Run it past this checklist. I know my melody is good because:…


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Inner Loop Records Presents The Mellow LiFe


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Songwriter's Market: Where To Market Your Songs

"Songwriter's Market" is packed with information about the inside workings of the music industry. It also includes hundreds of listings for music publishers, record companies, producers, and booking… Continue

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Buy Buckshot's New Book On The Music Business

Rapper Buckshot is a legend in the music business. He owns Duck Down Records with partner Dru Ha, and in 2010 celebrated 15 years of success with the company. In the video below he gives you a little free info on how to get your music on popular websites. Make sure you buy his book… Continue

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Discovering How To Get Ahead in the Music Industry

Be Professional: Sounds obvious, right? But this rule is at the top of the list for good reason. You may be getting involved in the music business because you love music, but a lot of people flock to the business because they think it's just a non stop party. While there are… Continue

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4 Ways You Can Make Your Music More Original


An artist has to be real for anyone to care. People smell a phony a mile away. Now more than ever since 'everything has been done'. And since it is so easy to access virtually anything at anytime anywhere, people are not easily smitten with, “Wow, I’ve never…


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The Hobby Factor: A Reason Why Newer Rappers Fail

Millions of people around the world play poker. Of those, only a few thousand are professional. The remainder would probably like to be. They sincerely like the game, yet they don't have a passion for it. For them, poker remains simply a… Continue

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Hit Songs Need Hit Song Names: What's In A Title?

Writing a great chorus is integral to catching the ears of our listeners. Within the chorus lies the heart of our message, and that heart is summed up in the title or hook that often supplies the first and last lines of our chorus. Some choruses have the incredible effect of tying up an idea so perfectly, it almost breathes a sigh of ‘ah-hah’ throughout the audience as… Continue

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Diggy Interviews Pharrell About His Career & Life

Diggy interviews Pharrell for his Kidult Youth Leadership Conference. Kidult is a website that Pharrell started… Continue

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Learn How To Get Radio Interviews For Your Music

Getting on the radio can be a great tactical move as part of your overall publicity effort, but you do need to have a story idea or an angle to present on a particular topic. Selling yourself as a guest on a talk show is a great way to raise your profile and if your subject relates to a topic that is currently in the…


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U-N-I & Ro Blvd's A Love Supreme 2.0 Now On iTunes

This time last year A Love Supreme was available for free…


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Music Producer Boon Doc Gives Tips On Drum Kits

Music producer Boon Doc shows you a simple way to play drum kits on a keyboard. Boon Doc could teach a class on music production. That is a trend that I've seen. You have 9th Wonder… Continue

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6 Great Tips For Musicians Getting Started In 2011

Whether we plan to create the likes of a recording, composition, concert tour or promo campaign, we have to launch our project and work on it regularly. But we all know that creative ventures often fizzle because we, the would-be creators, stall. We convince ourselves that no one will care. We procrastinate. In the end, far too many of us never get started on the things we hope to… Continue

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Singer Ginuwine Promo Video For His 'Elgin' Album

Singer Ginuwine is scheduled to release Elgin in early 2011. This track is currently entitled Break and it's definitely the type of music Ginuwine is known for. One of my favorite Ginuwine albums is still … Continue

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Improving Your Live Show: 3 Types of Performers


So what is a 'Show' exactly? It’s much more than just a collection of songs. It's a performance designed to entertain the crowd. While the world is full of performers that have seemingly no… Continue

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Songwriting 101: Easy Ways To Power Up Your Songs

When someone gets me to listen to their song to assess it, I always use that first listen to determine one thing: does the song have forward energy? What this question really means is: Do I want to keep listening? Do I find myself wanting to hear what happens next? That kind of momentum is lifeblood of the song. Without it, listeners will switch off, and they won’t come… Continue

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Music Video: The Foreign Exchange - ''I Wanna Know''

Here is a video from one of my favorite groups The Foreign Exchange. I love how they put this video together. Make sure you check their music out on… Continue

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Video: Oddisee Talks Sampling & Diamond District

Music producer Oddisee talks about how sampling drums from a record differs from using stock keyboard sounds. He also breaks down the concept of his group … Continue

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12 Awesome Radio Interview Tips for Musicians

Words by Bob Baker

So you've just booked an interview on a major radio show or podcast. Congratulations! Your voice and message about your music will reach hundreds or maybe even thousands of listeners. This interview will… Continue

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