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I-Tunes Shifts Songs To Three Price Points April 7th

Get ready for a major shift in the way I-Tunes does business. Starting April 7th labels will be able to price their songs at $.69, $.99, and $1.29. Do you think labels will lean towards selling music at $.69 based on the condition of the music industry? via Hypebot

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7 Ways To Better Connect With Your Fans

Article by Hypebot

Building a fanbase is about building a community and the cornerstone of any successful community is communication - two-way communication. Once you wrestled their email address from them and got them visiting your site and going to shows, its important for every artist to spend time communicating with their fans and not just talking at them. But how can you do it without… Continue

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Why Are New Artists Giving Away Free Music?

Are artists giving away free music to expand their fanbase or are they really giving away free music because they don't think anyone will buy it? What do you think?

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Can You Name This MC from the Boogie Down?

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How To Advance A Show: Minimize The Surprises

Words by Matthew Walt

An advance is just another form of introduction. It’s an icebreaker with venue representatives. It’s the primary contact between artist and venue prior to your arrival, and it can set the tone for an entire relationship if handled, or not handled, properly.… Continue

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9th Wonder Drops Gems On Production


Wonder tells aspiring producers what it takes to make it.

DJ Hotsauce on



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The Easiest Way To Become An A&R In 2009

I met Darius Jones, Sr. Director of A&R in the urban department at Capitol Records last week and I asked him what was the best way to become an A&R. I remember having a conversation with Delante Murphy

from D2 Music Management a few years back and he told me that the best way to become an A&R is to find a star, and bring that star to somebody that could sign them. He said that sometimes you meet stars and they are not ready. They… Continue

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Video: 5 Tips For Independent Music Business

Stuart Price, intellectual property lawyer and Managing Director of Birmingham’s Young & Lee Solicitors breaks down his top 5 tips for independent music business. These are some pretty good guidelines that might end up saving you thousands one day.…

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My Blog

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4 Fatal (Cooking) Recording Mistakes We Must Avoid!

Music production is very similar to cooking. You start out with a wide selection of ingredients that need to be prepared properly, enhanced with the right combination of spices and herbs and then cooked. In a professional chef’s hands, the dish can be mouthwatering and truly heavenly! But, left to an… Continue

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Why aren't female rappers taken seriously?


I had an interview a couple of days ago and I was asked if I thought I'd ever be considered a "dope MC" opposed to "a dope MC to be a female" ...........hopeful answer: yeah.......realistic answer: no It's crazy because if you really wanna measure the work we (female rappers) put in, verses a lot of these male rappers who get way more shine, it really doesn't add up. The grind for… Continue

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Video: Vinroc Presents The Art of Beat Making

The Art of Beat Making

"Believe" from

Vinroc on

Vimeo via…


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Expanding Rhyme Potential by Andrea Stolpe

Oh, the horror of coming to the end of a line and knowing we’ve got to rhyme with ‘door’. I’ve been on the ‘floor’ so many times in my lyrics, it’s remarkable I end up with completely different song plots. I’d like to share with you some simple and effective tools for letting your content roam free despite… Continue

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