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Tarrus Riley- Superman (Directed By Rik Cordero)

Tarrus Riley is an artist I came across recently while checking out videos directed by Rik Cordero. I'm really feeling this song. He follows in the footsteps of his father Jimmy Riley as a future legend of…


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Music Producer Asterix AKA "Sueño 1" Making A Beat

Music producer Asterix makes a beat at Firehouse Studios. I've been checking out a lot of his beat making videos on Youtube and Asterix is truly talented. Check out more of his beat making videos on Youtube… Continue

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Get Your Best Music Submitted To Record Labels

We are seeking talented artists, producers, and songwriters of all genres to promote to record labels, A&R's, and managers through TrackHustle. Make sure you send your best material. Also, give us a little background information on yourself and add a picture. Email us at …


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New Artist Spotlight: Asia Bryant - Broken Heart

Check out this video from singer/songwriter Asia Bryant. Its safe to say that there is something very special about her music. You can follow her on Twitter at @AsiaBryant.…


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Producer "Darkchild" Speaks On Music Publishing

Music producer Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins explains what he learned from Michael Jackson. He says that the number one thing that he learned was… Continue

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Producer Illmind Explains Landing Big Placements

Take a couple minutes to learn a little history on the producer iLLmind. He touches on his early years with music, purchasing his first sampler and making great relationships with artists from Little Brother to G-Unit. All new instrumental album from iLLmind "Behind The Curtain" is available now…


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Songwriting 101: Ten Tips For Writing A Better Song

The best way to use the list is to think of the last three to five songs you’ve written, and give a general answer for each question. If you see the same “no” answers coming up, you may have cause to examine that aspect of your writing.…


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How to Get Your Beats Placed With Major Labels

Breaking into the production game is as tough as breaking into the artist game. New producers often have trouble attracting the attention of A&Rs and established artists who, many times, prefer to work with producers that have a track record of previous hits or that they already have a personal or working relationship… Continue

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Music Promotion 101: Start Your Own Music Scene

If there’s going to be a scene, someone needs to have the vision and initiative to start it. So if you don’t have a booming scene where you live – start your own! Here's how: 

The first… Continue

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Music Promotion Is A Numbers Game: Go Get Heard

I’ve run across a few situations recently where people have been limiting the amount of their music that can be heard online. So here’s a few thoughts about free streaming music, and the business model… Continue

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Vote For Music Producer 8Bars For 2K12 Contest

CLICK HERE to vote for 8Bars in the NBA 2K12 contest.…


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70 Awesome MPC Designs From

Here is a collection of some awesome looking MPCs courtesy of There are over 70 custom designs here for you to check out. This should do wonders for a producer's creative process.…


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Producer Pete Rock Names His Top 5 Producers

Music producer Pete Rock names his top 5 producers of all-time. He also explains his work with Biggie and Bad Boy Records. Pete Rock's influence can be seen in many of today's music producers.…


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How To Write An Artist Bio That Really Stands Out

I’m always surprised to see how few artists have quality bios. What I often find is a (seemingly) quickly patched together paragraph or two that ends up communicating little or nothing about the band’s history or the sound and style of their music, and even more sadly, most bios provide the reader… Continue

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Learn The Best Way To Get The Best Publishing Deal

As a Music Attorney, the question that I am most frequently asked by Songwriters and Music Producers who have been presented with a Publishing Deal is, "How do I know if this is the right deal for me?" As with everything in the music industry, publishing deals can be complex. The following questions and answers are meant to help Songwriters analyze the…

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20 Reasons Why Artists Get Stuck At A Local Level

Ever wonder why some talented local musicians never get that elusive record deal? Or why the careers of some signed artists or American Idols stall out just past the starting gate? It's not just "bad luck." Here are 20 common reasons why some artists never make it to the next level:…


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Rapper Play (Kid-N-Play) Hosts Holy Hip Hop Awards

Christorpher 'Play' Martin of legendary rap group Kid 'N Play will be hosting the 11th Annual Holy Hip Hop Awards this year. The event will take place April 17th, 2011 in Atlanta at 595 North Event Venue and Lounge. Doors open at 6:00 PM and general admission tickets are $10. Go to …


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