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DJ Quicksilva Gives You Keys To His Success In Music

DJ Quicksilva is one of the premier DJs in the Mid-Atlantic region. Here he shows you how he gained popularity as a DJ and how he rocks crowds of thousands as an MC. Pay close attention to his strategy. He planned his work and worked his plan.… Continue

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Justin Bieber Music Producer MdL Studio Upgrade

Music producer MdL has had an amazing career to be so young. His work on

Justin Bieber's platinum album …


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Dr. Dre, Eminem, T.I., JD & More At The ASCAP Awards

Here is a video of Dr. Dre, Jermaine Dupri, The-Dream, and Neyo being honored at the 2010 ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Music Awards. There are also presentations by Eminem and T.I. See more pictures of the event

here.… Continue

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Salaam Remi Explains How He Avoids Music Leaks

Music producer Salaam

Remi explains how he keeps music from the people that are leaking records. He says he has a remix from Sade's album with Nas on it from 2001 that has yet to be heard by the public. I know there are plenty of people that would love to get their hands on that record.

-… Continue

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Music Producers Cool & Dre Give You Business Tips

Music production team Cool & Dre, producer

Chris Henderson, and songwriter

Sean Garrett share insight on lyrics, royalties and the business of songwriting. This is a must read article I spotted over at …


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5 Easy Steps For Curing The Worst Writer's Block

It can be tough, especially during the holidays, to get the ambition to write your next song. There’s lots to inspire you (love, friendship, a wish for peace, etc.), but holidays have a way of disrupting your normal writing schedule. If you feel that you should be writing something, but can’t summon up your next song, here are some ideas for keeping the creative juices flowing.…


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Ways Music Business Lawyers Charge For Services

In a world of extremely complex contracts and business relationships, where one word in a 100-page agreement can mean the difference between financial security or bankruptcy, selection of an attorney is one of the more important choices that has to be made.

Hourly Rates. Many law firms charge a client a set dollar figure per hour of work done. For example, in the entertainment…


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3 Ways To Successfully Work With Your Manager

A good artist manager can help you a lot with your music career but many a good manager has failed to help an artist simply because the working relationship never quite got on the right track. Hiring a manager isn't a magic bullet, just like hiring PR, signing a record deal or bringing any other person on board isn't a surefire bet for achieving your music career goals. As a musician, the success of your working relationship with your team depends a lot on… Continue

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DC Producer Oddisee Explains His Musical Mindset

Music producer Oddisee gives some quality information about how he found a void in the music marketplace and filled it. You will also get a nice tour of his home studio and learn about his songwriting process. …


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Scott Storch Explains How He Tunes His Kick Drums

Music producer Scott Storch talks about how he tunes his kicks to match the bass or the chords of the song. He has done work with …


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Diplomats Music Producer araabMUZIK Showcase

Diplomats music producer

araabMUZIK is back at it again. This man works a drum machine faster than any person I've ever seen. In this video he runs through about 10 beats. If he keeps making beats at this rate, he will definitely be a legend in the music business.… Continue

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DJ Wonder Takes You Inside Daddy's House Studios

DJ Wonder takes you inside

Daddy's House Studios with legendary music producer

Brian Michael-Cox. They show you a session with a new up and coming artists named …


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Producers The Inkredibles Talk About Placements

Music producers The Inkredibles talk about how they worked their way up to working with Young Jeezy and Jay-Z. They have worked with Flo Rida, Jadakiss, Rick Ross, and Fat Joe. Their greatest accomplishment may have been being the only new producers on one of the biggest albums of… Continue

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Dame Dash Tells Artists When To Take 360 Deals

"The 360 deals are smart for those who don’t have a brand set up yet. If you don’t have anything and you have someone that’s going to put $1 million or $2 million into building your brand, then they deserve a piece of it. But if you already have your following, then I wouldn’t do a 360 deal. It’s like the

Cool Kids… Continue

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Music Producer Scott Storch Makes A Quick Beat

Music producer Scott Storch has worked with everybody from

50 Cent to

Snoop Dogg. He also gained credit for working with fellow music producers like

Dr. Dre and …


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Surock Showcases A Track He Made On The SP 1200

The E-MU SP-1200 is a classic drum machine and sampler released August of 1987 by E-MU Systems, Inc. as an update of the SP-12, which was originally created for dance music producers. It became famed for its gritty texture and ability to simulate the "warmth" of vinyl recordings. The SP-1200 became an icon of hip hop's golden age, due to its ability to construct the bulk of a song within one… Continue

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Dr. Dre To Be Honored With ASCAP Founders Award

By Gail Mitchell

Hip-hop pioneer Dr. Dre will be presented with the ASCAP Founders Award during the organization's 23rd annual Rhythm & Soul Music Awards. The ceremony - which will also honor the songwriters and publishers of 2009's most performed ASCAP songs on… Continue

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