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Ca$his Explains Recording Techniques Of Eminem

Ca$his talks about how Eminem enunciates his words, as well as stacking vocal takes to make your voice sound bigger. It is taken from interviews for the book

How to Rap: The Art & Science of the Hip-Hop MC.… Continue

Added by Indy on September 29, 2010 at 11:18am — No Comments Artist Spotlight: Edison (Video)

Edison resides in San Francisco, California and he is creating constantly. Using old breaks and a closet of old instrumentals, he brings the digital grit, out of the acoustic organic. He performs using a handmade lunchbox, full of

monome guts. He has gained momentum, through videos of his performances, shows, and song downloads.… Continue

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Party Promoting Tips: Transform Your Event Venue


promoting is a big part of the music business. Parties can become an alternate stream of income for artists. If done correctly, it can also be a good way to connect with fans and make new ones. The following is an excerpt from Make sure you check… Continue

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Jive Records A&R Kevin Shine Talks Radio Promotion

Jive Records A&R Kevin

Shine talks about radio promotion versus word of mouth promotion. He explains the sales and commercial portion of radio and reveals that word of mouth promotion is the key to artist success.… Continue

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Why House Concerts Could Save Touring Artists

Words by MusicThinkTank

Mozart was well known for performing “parlor concerts,” in the homes of rich patrons who would delight in the opportunity to show off their acquaintance with him. Things have changed, however, and you no longer need to be rich to have access to some of the finest talent available.… Continue

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Is The Monome The New MPC For Music Producers?

A monome is a real-time step sequencer made up of a grid of backlit buttons that can be utilized for a number of applications, the most common of which is music performance. They are often used to trigger and retrigger samples or sample sets, but can also be used as a generative instrument that runs self-effecting or self-sufficient patterns, or to control effects and envelopes.… Continue

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Music Producer A.Sesay Releases The 'A Special' EP

Music producer A.Sesay is a rising star in the budding music scene that is known as the DMV (DC/MD/VA). He first gained major notoriety for collaborating with rapper D.O.E. C.I.G.A.P.O.M. on Culture Shock 2012 A​.​D. EP. After being recognized by the Legendary DJ Premier, it was only a matter of time before he… Continue

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Producer Bangladesh On Drive And Determination

Music producer Bangladesh explains the drive and determination that makes him successful. This video is part of a Ford sponsored program called Producer 10. You will also see commentary on determination from Jazz Bassist Ron Carter, Lifestyle Specialist Kenny Burns, and Sports Journalist Stephen A. Smith.… Continue

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DC Rap Group Likeblood Drops Another Hit Single

In an industry dominated by solo artists, D.C-bred Hip-hop group, Likeblood (aka Eric “Yung E” Mann; Andre “Dre Strong” Strong; Mbea “Mbea Da 1” Bassil), takes the new-age mantra, “more for your money,” and makes it a reality. With a trifecta of voices that are unique in both perspective and sound, Likeblood emerges onto the scene to remind music lovers and Hip-hop heads alike, just how special a cohesive… Continue

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Music Producer Amadeus Past Career Challenges

Music producer Amadeus speaks on the challenges in his career. He says that after he had produced records that sold millions of units, he ended up having to take a job that was not music related to make ends meet. Amadeus is most known for his work with…


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Music Producer Beatbode Plays Tracks On His MPC

Music producer Beatbode gives you a sneak peak of some of his production on his

MPC 5000. Judging from the tracks, you will be hearing more from him in the near future. This video is actually from the end of 2008.… Continue

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9th Wonder Speaks On Teaching At Duke University

9th Wonder is one of my favorite producers, but now he could be one of my favorite teachers. A class on sampling taught by

9th Wonder. Need I say more? Are there any 9th Wonder students that could give me some insight on his teaching?… Continue

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Songwriting Tips: Working From The Song Title First

There are numerous ways to write songs, and there is certainly no one correct way. Many songwriters like to start with a chord progression because it can inspire melodic shapes and general mood. Starting with a melody, or at least with a melodic fragment, will help to ensure that melody plays an important part in the song, and so I like the melody-first approach. Here’s a reliable way you can start with a piece of melody, and spin a song using that fragment:… Continue

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Pete Rock Talks About His Lost Production Credit

Pete Rock speaks on producing the first version of

Juicy for rapper …


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Ruff Ryders Indy To Aid Independent Record Labels

The Ruff Ryders brand is expanding its services to aid independent record labels under the title Ruff Ryders Indy. According to

AllHipHop, they "will provide marketing, street promotion, radio promotion and product management, in addition to educational programs offered to… Continue

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The Musical Diary Of Music Producer Mike Kalombo

Music producer Mike Kalombo aka KlassicMaster reveals his philosophy on making beats. He has worked with

JD's record label

So So Def. Make sure you support him and subscribe to his Youtube channel …


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NYU Professor Purcell's Advice To Artist Managers

New York University professor David Purcell talks about what it takes to manage an artist in today's industry and the distinction between artist and business management. The picture above features Ludacris and his long time manager Chaka Zulu.


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Music Placement: The BeatBanggahz & Jimmie Reign

The BeatBanggahz have placed a record with singer/songwriter Jimmie Reign entitled " Out The Door" off of her debut album

PRETTY GIRL. Make sure you support their movement and purchase the song. SteffNasty & Buggyeye of the BeatBanggahz produced, arranged and composed it. They've got many more hits to come. …


Added by Indy on September 2, 2010 at 10:30am — No Comments's Top 7 Tips For Selling Beats

Make Beat Making Videos - Participate in Forums - Promote! Promote! Promote! - Give Away Free Beats - Put Beats Online for the World - Join Online Beat Battles -…

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10 Tips For Better Success In The Recording Studio

One of the most exciting experiences for a young band is going into the recording studio for the first time. How that first recording session turns out can depend a lot on the band’s attitude and level of preparation going in. I’ve made a list of some things to think about before and during a band’s initial studio adventure.

1. Know what you want to sound like- as you write and rehearse songs, think about what sort of sounds you like… Continue

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