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Video: Tips On Building Your Own Recording Studio

One interesting studio tip is to have a place for your clients to eat. If you have a lounge for artists they will feel at home and probably come back to record again. Keeping a few snacks around the lounge area can be the difference between you and competing studios. Check out the video below for some more… Continue

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Producer Ryan Tedder Makes A Beat For Wiz Khalifa

Music producer Ryan Tedder makes a beat and gets it placed with rapper

Wiz Khalifa. The track was placed on the

Deal Or No Deal album as the song …


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Music Producer Diplo Reveals His Creative Process

Music producer Diplo takes you to his main studio headquarters and breaks down his creative process. He focuses on his use of

Native Instruments software and even explains how he uses it for live performances. A great production tip that he speaks on is creating his own sounds to have a unique style. …


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Good Lyrics: Always Consider the Natural Pulse

Nothing kills a lyric faster than forcing words into a rhythmic scheme that just doesn’t work. What you should be after is a natural flow. For that reason, it’s really important for songwriters to recite their lyric as if it were prose, tweaking it until it feels easy to say, and conveys exactly what’s needed. Rhyming and rhythmic schemes need to take a back seat to natural pulse. Say the following line to yourself:

Here we are, back where we… Continue

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Songwriting Tips: Choosing A Theme to Write About

One of the hardest questions we writers can ask each time we sit down to write a song is, “what should I write about?” It seems almost ridiculous, with there being so many experiences, events, ideas, beliefs, values, hopes, discouragements, struggles, etc. to write about. After all, no-one is more equipped to write about our own experiences than us, and no-one else can give the song the personal perspective we can. I think the real question lying behind… Continue

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Mysto & Pizzi In Studio With Def Jam Artists "Brutha"

Music production group Mysto and Pizzi just got their first major record label placement with Def Jam artists

Brutha. Watch this video of the recording session and buy the final version of their first placement below. …


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Verbal Contracts: What Are They Really Worth?

The first recording agreement I had the pleasure of signing as a recording artist was a typical, label-friendly, multi-option contract. The anemic royalty, based on the “suggested retail price,” was further depleted by container deductions, deductions for so-called “free goods,” and paid on only 90% of net sales to account for records damaged in shipping (as they often were in the dark ages of shellac discs). In essence, it was a scam, though a scam that had… Continue

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New Beats Available From TrackHustle Producers

Our music producers have worked with Trey Songz, Raekwon, and Gucci Mane to name a few. CLICK HERE to hear our available music production from our roster of producers. If you like what you hear and would like to purchase or lease a track, email us at Let's collaborate and make some… Continue

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Read This Before Signing a Music Manager Contract

Words by Heather McDonald

A good music manager can be instrumental in the success of your band. Unfortunately, because your music career means so much to you, it is remarkably easy for a so called manager to come along and take you for a ride, especially if you are relatively inexperienced. Any contract you sign for any part of your career should be carefully considered by you, but perhaps… Continue

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Video: Music Producer J-Scrilla Making A Beat sits down with

J-Scrilla, a well known music producer from Washington, DC.

J-Scrilla makes a beat, talks about his music production influences, and explains his 2009 project …


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Music Producer Ayatollah Talks About His Career

In this interview for, Queens music producer

Ayatollah talks about his early DJing days, and

Marley Marl giving him his first MPC drum machine. …


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Drake Reveals One Of Alicia Keys Studio Techniques

Drake explains a studio technique he learned from

Alicia Keys. He also reveals his favorite song from his album …


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