Rapper RoQ'y TyRiaD Is Today's New Millenium Man

In an age where the music industry is in disarray, a Hip-Hop hero emerges: The New Millenium Man. We got a chance to link up with
RoQ'y TyRaiD aka
The New Millenium Man this week to get more information on his new project and learn his creative process.
Tell us a little bit about yourself.
The incredible RoQ'y TyRaiD aka The New Millennium Man! Well... I'm definitely of the abnorm in comparison to the status quo. Hip-Hop Avant-Garde, if you will. Royal Emissary to the New Generation. Champion of the New West.. insert more arrogant statements. 24 year old artist of the counter-culture based out of Phoenix, by way of California. So, a bona fide lyricist of the Almighty West Coast. With that said, all the people from the Fresh, take a bow. And yes, RoQ'y TyRaiD does mean RoQ and TyRaiD.
How did you get started in music?
It grew from a hobby. Shortly after my first visit to an authentic studio at 17 in LA; I believe it was one of the joints DJ Khalil was using off Pico. I was like, "I've GOT to take this as serious as possible!" I was just rapping on the back of a bus YESTERDAY! So, I ran with that. Certain life situations halted that, and I picked it back up late 2005-06 with Tak Ovr out in the 909 (California). But after the
Immortal Space Ghost left this plane, we went on our individual journeys. Mine involving maturing as an artist, undisturbed in Phoenix. What a wonderful incubator it has been! Peace to anyone from PHX who remembers
J RoQ And The Prequel 2 Bootlegs/Hiatus RoQ CDs. You'll see why I've been so quiet.
What made you decide to become a rapper?
Naturally, it was the next step from being as big a fan as I was as a child and teenager. I was rapping along with these rappers so tough I was matching their vocals. (LOL) That, coupled with freestyling now and then with early high school friends. When I first tried my hand at writing, it actually came out a lot better than I thought! A couple of friends I worked with encourage me to spit some raps. They looked at me and said, "Wow! You should really rap." And so, my ego was born. I'm glad the skills caught up and surpassed that. (LOL) That was still a lil arrogant, huh? I'm quite humble honestly.
What is your songwriting process?
Hmmm the sacred songwriting process. It's probably one of the main things that classifies me as
weird as hell. (LOL) Not because I haven't used a pen and pad since 2006 in itself. The wow factor behind that is long since gone, and to clarify that. I HATE when people use that in a way to suggest it automatically makes them
dope. Some of you lazy rappers need to write. Scratch that, some of you need to read, THEN write. Anyways, I tend to completely zone out from life and escape to a different plane. In time, I've grown to doing this in public. This includes the whole nine. Nodding to a non-existent beat only I can hear. Mumbling [lyrics] under my breath. Yeah, that looks crazy to someone at your workplace or in the grocery store or in the leasing office. (LOL) Yeah, that. Also, if in the studio and its on the spot, I tend to get as comfortable as possible. Even if it means laying on the floor, upside down from a couch or walking a mile away from the lab.
Who are some of your musical influences?
I can never get through this question. In no order: Common, Nas, Eminem, Slum Village, Wu, Jay, Crooked I, Chino XL, Beans, Snoop, Pharoahe, Talib, Dead Prez, The Mighty Mos, DMX, The Roots, Busta, Outkast, The Lox, Guru, ATCQ, Royce, JOEY!, Joell , Bishop Lamont, Little Brother and the Justus League. Even relatively new cats like Black Milk, Jay Electronica, Illa J, and Flying Lotus. Lets step out the Hip-Hop realm.. and I'm not saying this to sound
musically inclined: John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Rage Against The Machine, Crach Kings, The Prodigy, Nirvana, Coldplay, PHOENIX... I'll stop for now. Yo, did I say Phoenix? Oh yeah, Soundgarden.
Tell us about your current project.
New Millennium Man is a breathe of fresh air for the mixtape game. It is a declaration. A return to what it is suppose to be about: taking your favorite beat and going COMPLETELY overboard! You see, mixtapes are suppose to be a blade sharpener. And if you can't handle someone else's beat, why do we want to hear your actual album? Mixtapes are suppose to regulate the industry, skill wise. Now everyone cops out and puts a bunch of regular songs on their joints or paraphrases the original mixtape song. So, given what I have to work with, I have decided to lead by example.

The New Millennium Man is one of the saviors of Hip-Hop. He (given today's climate) is avant-garde in every category. Abilities are limitless. The bar has been reset. So that's that right there and it's with all due RESPECT to the originators of the works. Especially
The Immortal Dilla whom I'll never have the honor of working with in person. Shouts to Dn3 from PA and Rie$go from Phoenix, the producers of the original works I have on the NMM, "Woosah" and "I Quit." Expect to see many more collaborations between me and the two of them on future projects. To sum it up:
The New Millennium Man is an artistic test of strength.
How can people get in contact with you?
I'm beyond accessible. You can usually catch me overly e-speaking my mind (LOL) at @ RoqyTyraid on the good Twitter., getting into the swing of things there! And MOST IMPORTANTLY, for each consecutive release leading up to New Millennium Man. Once again, I'm BEYOND accessible. Lol... Shout out to the young cats who found me on Xbox Live the other day, that was a real humbling experience. Dude actually asked everyone on his list for a 48 hour trial so his friend can get on and show love, too. So, salute right back to the both of you if you're reading this! Our brand new site is RIGHT around the corner. So bare with it... we're moving with the times, ladies and gentlemen. [Dope] ARTISTS, PRODUCERS, PROMOTERS, etc. Email me at

Any last words?
Yeah... love goes out to my new found true fans, I'm here to build with you through music and I'll never lie to you, even if its at the expense of my image. And fans aren't the fickle ones who change with the tide; I'm talking to the ones who will turn their grandkids on to this. I'll be accused of favoritism if I shout one and not the other, so here's to all my hip-hop colleagues. Particularly Izzy Neutron for taking that leap of faith! And of course Felony Muuuuuzik! (LOL) For the good advice 'long the road! Real hip-hop is back.. and you wack, ignorant, toms don't stand a chance. I would say diss me, but we know the outcome. So I suggest retiring or being the next contestant on that summer jam screen, all in the name of our culture! Our tolerance is officially gone. Hip-Hop heads... we told 'em so!!!

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