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We caught up with DC-based RAtheMC for a second to talk about her latest project, where she fits into the hip-hop game and her motivation to rap.
RS: What brought you into rap?
RAtheMC: I think it was a combination of frustration and inspiration. I always loved to write because as an only child, writing was my only outlet when I was frustrated. I was also a big Fugees fan growing up so eventually my stories and poems grew into raps.
RS: What's it take to be an emcee from your town?
RAtheMC: Good music, a heavy grind, and tuff skin. DC is a city full of rappers and critics, you have to have something that separates you from the next emcee.
RS: Describe your rapping style.
RAtheMC: Honestly, I'm not sure if I've found my style yet. Right now I would say it's witty, realistic, hard, soft, soulful, and fun all in one.
RS: Who do you look up to?
RAtheMC: My mother and my manager/producer Judah. My mom is an artist/business woman and she's always encouraged me to be "business minded." Judah is a self made success in the music industry and was one of the few people who believed in my vision as an artist.
RS: How is hip-hop changing?
RAtheMC: It's grown into a business that lacks real music. Hip-hop right now is about making hits, and the hits aren't "24 Hours to Live" or Lost Boys "Renee." It's "Stanky Leg" and others alike. I hate to sound like one of those "Hip Hop is dead!" people but I just think music should be free spirited. Artist shouldn't write songs "for radio" or "for the club," just write what's true and real to you. Rappers would be surprised at how many people they inspire by just being honest.
RS: Where is it going?
RAtheMC: Who knows?
RS: How do you fit in?
RAtheMC: I don't. Lol
RS: What was the goal of your last project and did you attain it?
RAtheMC: Musically, the goal was just to have fun and create a solid project. I think the mixtape touched on a number of topics that are relevant to me and others, so I'd say we hit our goal. I think...Lol
RS: What's the biggest challenge you currently face as an artist?
RAtheMC: Haters. I'm one of those artist who just wants a fair shot. You don't have to like my music, but at least give it a chance. My biggest challenge right now is winning over the haters. I'm working on it though! Lol
RS: What's your strongest selling point?
RAtheMC: Good question. I don't know. I'm the story of the "around the way girl" who loves to get fly but is educated, has dreams, bills, fears, and talent. I think I'll sale because there's a "Ra" in every city.
RS: What/who are your influences?
RAtheMC: It’s cheesy but right now I’d have to say my mom and Michelle Obama.
RS: Is there a way to get popular and stay true to hip-hop and who you are as an artist?
RAtheMC: Yeah I think so. It's just a matter of making what's true to you, marketable. Sale yourself without selling out.
RS: What do you, specifically as an artist, offer hip-hop?
RAtheMC: I think I offer a different perspective. Firstly because I’m a woman and my take on life can be completely different from male rappers at times. Secondly, hip-hop has never really had someone from the DMV (DC/MD/VA) area to tell our story. We’re just recently starting to see DC show its face in Hip Hop through Wale and Tabi. So I definitely have a story to offer Hip Hop of an area people know very little about.
RS: What would you rather be lyrics or a beat?
RAtheMC: Lyrics definitely.
TrackHustle would like to thank RaTheMC for a great interview and great music. Stay on the grind, and hold it down for DC! Contact if you would like your music reviewed.

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