We Met With The Urban A&R of Asylum Records...

We were shopping music from producers to Asylum recently and the A&R told us that there are a lot of ways music producers can get exposure. He said that a tag such as the ' Just Blaze' trademark you hear at the beginning of a lot of his older tracks is good. If you can say something at the beginning of all of the tracks you make you will begin to build a brand even if you are not charging for the beat. Just make sure your trademark tells people that you made the beat. Don't do something too generic. If you listen to Young Money's, "
Every Girl" song you notice '
Tha Bizness' being said at the beginning of the track. '
Tha Bizness' is the name of the production team that made the beat. Words By
Indy Fontaine
CEO of TrackHustle

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