Winner of the July 2009 Producer's Beat Battle


Jon Dough won the Straight Cash Producers Beat Battle (ATL) for the first time in his illustrious career, entering at No. 6 and then eliminating Beat Freaker and Drugs to earn the opportunity at battling Aquarius Minded to take home the title of "Atlanta's Hottest Producer of the Month. At the end of the day, the biggest winner from the "Straight Cash Beat Battle" was Jon Dough. That's right. Jon Dough was voted "Julys' ATL's Hottest Producer" over, Drugs, Aquarius Minded, Rob Ju and a host of other music producers. I'm sure many of you are asking how Jon Dough took the Title? I'm also sure that others are asking what does it take to win a Straight Cash Producers Beat Battle? "Hearing Jon Dough's battle tracks is like being in the room of some of the greatest producers & arrangers in the world..." It's safe to say that every 9 out of 10 music fans feel that Jon Dough has the potential to out shine producers like Marley Mal, DJ Clue, Timbaland and any of the top 10 producers. The mainstream media has covered Jon Dough's antics to the max. Many articles refer to Jon Dough's behavior as cocky yet "Producer" like. Do you see where I'm going here? Because of Jon Dough, music producers have received a ton of mainstream attention and publicity for FREE. The fans of the Straight Cash Producers Beat Battle & Artist Showcase couldn't have asked for a better outcome. Follow Jon Dough as he continues to produce some of the best tracks the world will ever hear! For more Jon Dough information: ### Press Contact Name: Joe Stewart Phone: 800.219.384 Email: For Upcoming Battle Information: To watch the Battle:

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